8 December, 11:15 - 11:35 HKT

Broadening Students’ Horizons: Learning through Reading

Main Stage Presentations


In the knowledge-based society of the 21st century, the higher one’s reading ability, the better one is at collecting, comprehending, analysing and utilising information.

Thinking lies at the heart of reading. Not only does the ability to read include comprehending messages that words convey, but it also involves the ability to think and critique independently, which is conducive to life-long, self-directed learning.

In this presentation, the speakers will shed light on the design and rationale behind the extensive school-based reading scheme entitled ‘Readers Dozen’ and the arrangements of the reading lesson in their school. It makes a concerted effort to create a reading-friendly environment and promote the culture of reading. Students in each year group has their own reading themes that reflect and correspond to different levels of reading ability. Apart from supplementing the main curriculum with extra reading materials, the scheme also aims at emphasising the traditional Chinese Confucian culture of cultivating oneself, managing family, governing the state, and pacifying the world.

The scheme includes a wide variety of themes and topics, ranging from texts that help develop aspirations, build character, and learn to love one another, to texts that encourage students to learn from ancient wisdom, broaden their horizons, and respect nature, and ultimately to texts that foster reason and good judgement.

The school values whole-person education. Through consolidating knowledge from various subjects and disciplines, it instils positive values and attitudes in the students. Life is full of beauty; we exist in this beauty. Through the act of reading, the school hopes to pique students’ interest, foster their courage, and develop their initiative to explore and observe the world.